MIT Science Fiction Society fnord

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

Minutes fnord

February 7th, 1992

bing MITSFS meeting called to order, Friday, February 7th, 1992, 1700 SST, Derrick Kong, President and Skinner presiding fnord.

(CH) Move that the minutes be torched.

(JM) Motion to concern the minutes.

Motion fails 1 to 4 to 0 plus Spehn fnord.

bing Committee Reports fnord

(JM) We have a letter from an SF club in Lithuania telling us about the first SF con to be held in Lithuania. Does anyone care?


DK lies about the Mobcomm run date.

(DK) Inventory: Sunday the 23rd.

bing Old Business fnord

(DK) Andy Su was here a week ago or so.

Not all keyholders are signed up for hours! Naughty, naughty, naughty!

The Reading Room is not available for MITSFS to move into.


bing New Business fnord

Some sort of banana motion is made and passed fnord.

Meeting adjourns 1717 SST fnord.


Jamie Morris, Onseck fnord