MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS meeting minutes

Friday, March 3, 2000

MITSFS meeting called to order, 17:00 SST, March 3, 2000

Jenwa Hsung, President and Skinner, presiding

John Carr, pseudo-Onseck (Natasha claims to be away for the weekend)

The minutes of the previous meeting were read. Towards the end, a copy of Editorial Humor landed on the minutes.

Motion: approve minutes as fluttering copies of Editorial Humor. Fails 6-13-Spehn.

Committee Reports

Walletcomm[WDC]: Bill Starr's wallet is full of cruft.

Theftcomm[AMU]: New ``What's New'' poster is going up on our bulletin board.

Jadecomm[JFC]: Jade went pant...grunt...wheeze this week. There is a new shelf in Damnation Alley.

Natashacomm[JFC]: Natasha is away for the weekend. JM: We expect a full, accurate, juicy report. Juicy is more important than accurate.

Jourcomm[YN]: Submit work for TZ by end of March if you promised, or even if you didn't promise, and especially if you can draw. Yevgeniya will draw if necessary to fill in space. Why should we contribute then? Because she will draw badly. JM: Put recent minutes in TZ. JFC: How about this meeting's minutes? JM: Say really funny things.

Old Business

Old donations still need to be processed: the Shultz donation (20 boxes), the Sprague donation (6), and the Tuttle donation (19 boxes). Some of these have been partially cataloged.

Jade becomes older next week. Remember to embarass her. Maybe buy her a present. Is she 22? Probably not. Is Natasha 22? Maybe. Natashacomm votes no but isn't sure.

Motion: censure Natashacomm for not knowing how old Natasha is. Passes 12-1-2+Spehn.

Usual motion. Usual result. What about the usual debate?

New Business

A wave of emptiness that had been moving around the P's is damping out. Some foreign magazines have been boxed and a new wave of emptiness will be launched as the vacant shelf is allocated to store paperbacks. (Should we resurrect the Committee to Overdamp the New Wave?) The P's have been decompressed, and when the wave dies out there will be 6.3'' of empty space per three shelves. This should last a year.

Connie Willis and another are doing a science fiction reading at MIT on Monday. Discussion follows about whether she is good, and how popular she is, and someone wonders whatever happened to Connie Hirsch and whether she is popular.

JM: Don't let Connie Willis sign anything. Why not? Because then the book would be valuable and we would have to move it into Special Reserve.

There is discussion about Ashes Of Victory. Jhawk has a copy, but JFC can't remember if it is a MITSFS copy or not.

Future Business

We didn't get any space in rerooming. There is a small chance that we might get some of LSC's space.

A moment of silence drags on.

Motion: make something happen. Chickens 0-1-2+Spehn.

JM: Damnation Alley will be respaced.

Motion: Strangle Marty with a banana. Chickens 2-0-3+Spehn.

Miller Motion. Fails! BING!

Miller Motion. Passes! BING!

Meeting adjourned 17:30 SST.