MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS meeting minutes

Friday, June 30, 2000

MITSFS meeting called to order, 17:00 SST, June 30, 2000

Jenwa Hsung, skinner, presiding (and showing some skin)

John Carr, ex-pseudo-onseck (Merry is still not)


Committee Reports

Bill says something clever, or a motion is made to have Bill say something clever. Whatever it was, the vote was 5-0-Spehn.

Mobcomm[JFC/WDS]: Mobcomm got 32 pounds of new books, but WDS did even better with five bags of books costing over $400. New book shelf is overflowing.

Panthercomm: The new book shelf will get emptier soon.

{\sym ''} (The committee that dares not speak its name)[JM]: RSN

Dexmistress[JM]: Inventory still July 22. There are two twinkie-weddings that weekend. But the people getting married didn't remember, so they forgot to tell Jenwa.

Moocomm[WDS]: Moose and squirrel movie opened today.

Moocomm$_2$[JWH]: Titan AE was OK.

Pseudo-jourcomm[JM]: Reading lots of old TZ and has ideas. 40 years of TZ! That's about one a year on average. But it's supposed to be quarterly... We got a letter from The Alpert. Some people didn't get TZ 42. We could reprint it but it has an editorial flaming Jamie for not ranting.

Pseudo-gapdex[JFC/JM]: Dexmistress hasn't processed gapdex changes. Will try to do them before inventory.

Pseudo-gapdex$_2$[WDS]: Our Omega Sub collection is complete!

Dexmistress: Too late for new dexes; will wait until RO. There is a long discussion of the merits of three hole prepunched paper vs. hole punches.

Old Business

WDS emailed some guy who used to hang out at MITSFS circa 1961.

Average age of members in the library is old.

How old is modern science fiction? Is the library half as old?

[WDS] Surprise! We have both editions of Marooned by Caidin.

[JM] According to old members, Skinner's recollection of strict parlimentary procedure and the repeating movie are fantastic. ``Recollections of old skinners are not to be trusted,'' says The Morris.

New Business

{\sym ''}: Jamie is updating the alumni association's list, mostly by deleting members.

[JM/JFC]: We have more bindable magazines than people who were not at the libcomm debriefing thought. They are in locked drawers. Some of them are too old to bind. We have extra money, so we should bind bindable magazines. In some cases we will gain space by doing so (if we displace loose magazines in Damnation Alley).

Motion[WDS]: Bind our money. 7-0-Spehn.

Future Business

We will eat soon.

WDS: Anybody want a soon-to-expire T pass? Discussion follows of using dollar coins to pay fares, and whether Congress showed unprecedented clue in mandating that the new coin be compatible with the old one, or whether they just got lobbied in a way that turned out to be good.

Motion: Lobby congress to send MITSFS a lot of new almost-banana-colored dollar coins for testing. Passes.

Meeting adjourned 17:20 SST.