MITSFS meeting minutes
Friday, March 9, 2001


MITSFS meeting called to order, 18:00 SST, March 9, 2001.

Jade ``I'' Wang, President and Skinner, presiding. (``Our beloved onseck is gone.'')

John Carr, pseudo-onseck. (``You want to do it!'')


A motion to mourn the passing of our dear, beloved ex-onseck is not seconded.

A motion to commend the minutes as beloved passes 3-0-2+Spehn.

Committee Reports

Pseudo-jourcomm[JFC]: (Yevgeniya protests that she is here and can speak for herself, but is overruled.) If you can't write your own material, Yevgeniya needs your help writing someone else's.

Jourcomm[YN]: That means I need people to type for me because people sent me stories on paper.

Mobcomm[JFC]: We did not get 512 books this week, partly because of snow in central Massachusetts.

(There is a brief break from committee reports to allow Jamie to flame about the difference between treasurer and $treasurer. The current occupant of the office of MIT has signature authority on our account but it would be much better if the office itself had signature authority.)

Bluebellcomm[JFC]: Everyone except me is lazy.

Pseudo-pianocomm[JM]: Waaah. There is discssion about recruiting, freshmen, and a particular frosh who is worth $4 but not $11. Lack of term memberships is a feature, not a bug.

Pseudo-hasslecomm[JFC,JM]: Lots of books to be shelved. Apparently this is hasslecomm's job. Mobcomm cleared the new book shelf in preparation for the new books that didn't come.

New Business

We got a review copy of a new Jack McDevitt novel from Eos. They still like us! Jamie says it is called ``Deep Sex,'' but it actually has the more boring title ``Deepsix.''

Jade's friend made it snow today by trying to go to Chinatown.

Old Business

There are discrepancies in our automated account statement for January. ASA took our money? Or did they give us money? The statements have inconsistent meanings for positive and negative numbers so we can't tell. $114.20 for publicity and $400+ for books. After noticing that the amounts and partial (truncated) descriptions match the Finboard checks we got recently, and much discussion, we decide that we understand what is going on and even if we don't understand we won't worry about it.

Future Business

In the future...

...John may go to Harvard Square.

...Jamie may understand how endowment fund interest works. John suggests abstaining from receiving donations for a couple years to make the calculations simpler, but it turns out that this wouldn't help because the interest rate varies (and possibly for other reasons).

...we will get a response from Hal Clement about the picnic.

...Jamie () will write SNF #1, but will probably not mail it in late March.

...increased shelf pressure due to overcrowding will squeeze the juice out of the bananas on our shelves.

``I'm very moving,'' says Jade.

A motion to commend Jamie for wearing a shirt with banana-colored stripes passes 6-0-3+Spehn.

Meeting adjourned 18:20 SST.