MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, April 19, 2002

MITSFS meeting called to order, 1715 SST, Jade Wang, President and Skinner, presiding. Ed Keyes is the hour-early Onseck.

Minutes read.

Motion: Note that unlike the old Ace Doubles, the minutes make the Onseck look stupid because he's reading things sideways. (The Ace Doubles made you look stupid because you looked like you were reading them upside-down.) Passes 4-0-0+Spehn.

Motion: Commend the minutes for a detailed reporting of the beginning of the meeting. Passes 4-0-0+Spehn.


Committee Reports

Mobcomm, Bluebellcomm, and general lameness-comm: We have no money, so we're not getting books. And we have no book-covering material, so we're not covering any. John's life is very easy. The Onseck tries to explain how we're not actually out of covering material, but only out of the good covering material, but is ignored and laughed at.

Mobcomm$_2$: Stuff is still trickling in from things John started before we ran out of money, though.

Jadecomm: Jade is wearing mismatched hair constrictors. The color is somewhat trying to match the blue-green Skinner book.

Chronicomm: We sent out four more SNF's, retrying addresses that had been fixed from feedback on earlier cycles. This is probably the last of the batch, and responses have tapered off too.

Cofincomm: Can't seem to find a good physical address for him. (The Onseck needs to look up this reference in the Lore.)

Pianocomm: Two Andrews are shortly coming on-line as keyholders.

Pseudo-Jourcomm: Probably a skinny TZ RSN. John still claims to be doing a review some March, but he has to reread the book in question now since he's kind of forgotten what it was about.

Mobcomm$_3$: Mobcomm takes no credit for getting our copy of the latest Laurell K. Hamilton fantasy porn book, Caress of Twilight. [Jade] ``You don't believe in pointless sex scenes?''

Jen Clay's committee, formerly Pubcomm, is now hBarcomm. For the record, that is obtained by the sequence publicity to pub to bar, and then adding the ``h'' as a reference to a sci-fi story which used ``bheer'' to denote non-alcoholic beer. The coincidence with Planck's h-bar is pure happenstance, of course... The ``h'' is silent when pronounced, by the way, but its committee folder is naturally still alphabetized under ``h''.


Old Business

John just finished Satan's Mistress before the meeting. [Jade] ``Don't tell us about it.'' Now he has to read the sequels. It is described as sort of Lovecraftian.

Armenard reports that the renovation costs for the Reading Room are expected to be $100,000. It is unclear what this actually includes in the way of things bought for the Society versus things bought for the rest of the room.

John fears that the battle against the hyperintelligent squirrels is lost. They somehow mind-controlled John's mother into just giving them nuts, bypassing the bird-feeders entirely.

The T-shirts are running out, and we'll be putting in a replacement order soon, possibly with APO now that their screen-printing people are on the ball again. The ``psi-phi'' shirts seem to sell a little better.


New Business

The Chancellor tries to get the Skinner to chant the ALGOL and uphold the sacred traditions of the Society. She's having none of it.

The Oxford English Dictionary has started putting in words from fandom, and are asking for early citations. Jamie found three of those for them, from first editions we happened to have and a 1950 fanzine.

On Saturday, the LPs and that general corner of the reserve room were moved into an ``artistically exciting'' arrangement. Namely one that is an efficient use of space. John attempts to demonstrate how members can get their heads stuck in the shelves. Jade tests and pronounces it suitable.

A new filing cabinet was inserted, and a rearrangement is in progress. The banana-colored couch is finally free! You can actually sit and even lie down on it!

And Damnation Alley is now open again. John goes in search of Satan's Love Child in special reserve.


Future Business

Ingram (a major book distributor that the Space-Crime Continuum uses) has a section which sells directly to libraries at a 40% discount, compared to the 20% we get from SCC. We should pursue this to see if we can switch, and perhaps hardcovers as well.

Motion: Investigate whether Ingram has a special section catering to hyperintelligent squirrels and bananas. Passes 5-0-2+Spehn.

Meeting adjourned, 1745 SST.

[John] ``A squirrel was looking at me funny yesterday.''

Respectfully submitted,
Ed Keyes, Onseck