MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, May 24, 2002

MITSFS meeting called to order, 1700 SST, Ed Keyes, President and Skinner, presiding. John Carr is the spell-checked pseudo-onseck.

Jamie finishes Wurts-bashing.

Minutes read in Andrew's style.

Motion to correct the minutes like this (John holds up the minutes of the last meeting, covered with red ink). [The Skinner stops time to allow the onseck to catch up.] Motion passes 5-0-1+Spehn, Ed says confidently.


Committee Reports

Pseudo-onseck: Need to fix Andrew the onseck's pronunciation, spelling, and comprehension.

Mobcomm: Got a lot of hardcovers today.

Bluebellcomm: Jade covered about ten of them. When do we start the Chinese book torture on the rest of the committee?

Pseudo-pubcomm: Stuff happened.

Alohalenscomm: Susan Born provided a recognizable drawing of herself. It is not only recognizable, it is an accurate drawing (as opposed to a caricature).

(Jamie reads a letter by an author, begging us to honor his book by placing it in our library. We like this kind of letter.)

There is a discussion of numbers in titles, C. J. Cherryh, and shredding books.

Pseudo-VGG: A member mailed us a $1.00 check to pay a fine.


Old Business

John: The ``legendary, repulsive Skinner'' in Neal Asher's novel is named Jay.

Jamie: The endowment fund principal is now a round number, $36,150, thanks to Jamie's $120.29 gift. George Phillies' $250 donation prevented the balance from being a multiple of $100. John plans a one cent donation.

Jamie: Outside bank accounts are still going away by June 30. MIT says the internal system is great. We will test the ``paperwork by 11:00 AM, check by the next morning'' policy.

Ed will go after the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction to retrieve our missing issues.



New Business

There are a lot of new magazines in the mailbox.

We received a donation from Brian Leibowitz, who buys books that we don't have circulating copies of and sends them to us. ``Brian's Great,'' says Jamie.

Jake Beal is here. He went a year between meetings. John once went several years between meetings. Ed went over 20 years without coming to a meeting.

Jake declares himself Albanian, but the motion does nothing, 2-0-1+Spehn.

There is a discussion of voting and counting votes. Math jokes fly. (``If you rotate the votes by 90 degrees, do they become imaginary?'') Emily moans in pain. If John takes off his shoes and socks, his feet count as negative votes. $\heartsuit$ Jade loves John's bare feet. $\heartsuit$

The nature of the minutes is indeterminate.

Motion to rotate the pseudo-onseck by 90 degrees. No second.

Motion to have the Vice rotate the pseudo-onseck by 90 degrees.
\put( ...
No second, alas.

A discussion of human hamster wheels follows. Pika's came before EC's, but Pika's didn't get in The Tech. It was built in a day.

Jamie: If we laminate the members they won't sweat on books.

Jake: Ghostbusters 2 and Robocop novelizations were written by the same person, Ed Naha. He also wrote The Suicide Plague. The back cover blurb on The Suicide Plague causes John to explain why he believes HP is controlled by space aliens. They are funding a von Daniken theme park.

Motion to strike Jake. Passes!

The vice is handed the cat-of-five-tails but doesn't use it. Jake describes a cat-5-tails, a whip made out of Ethernet cable.

Motion: Albanian Jake! Passes, 9-0-Spehn.

Jamie sings the adjournment song.
\put( ...
\qbezier(10.0,3.5)( 7.5,3.4)( 6.6,1.6)

Meeting adjourned, 17:50 SST.

Respectfully submitted,
John Carr, pseudo-onseck