MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, Mass. 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, 14 June, 2002

MITSFS meeting called to order (BING! ), 1710 SST, Our beloved Ed, President and Skinner, presiding. Andrew Boardman might be the Onseck.

Minutes read. No motions thereto pertaining took flight.


Committee Reports

FleetComm: Fleet will do denomination exchanges if you tell them you're a customer; proof, however, is not required.

Jayhawkcomm: everything is jhawk's fault. Request for clarification deferred.

Mobcomm: SFBC has left us books; SCC (whoever they are) has left us even more books. A Robert Rankin novel has arrived. The Skinner likes looking at the pretty covers. Alas, the books were at one time nicely stacked, but jhawk restacked them most rudely. Everything is thus jhawk's fault. ("No human would stack books that way.") Oh, and Mobcomm wants money.

Bluebellcomm: there are some books that need covering.

LHE: petty cash seems sufficient.

More Mobcomm: it is entirely unclear how to send money to the UK.


Old Business

A Chinese reprint of an Onion article was officially retracted. How dare the Onion print something plausible!


Committee Reports

The Center for Public Integrity reports a story from 12 June report of US surveillance operations being available all over Europe via satellite broadcast, encrypted via rot13.

Usual motion, usual second, usual result.


New Business

Long pig: A fantasy concerning cannibals, quartz, and other consumers.

Jourcomm: JFC will be writing cover reviews for the next TZ.

Realtor smut has helicopters *and* hats.

Jamie moves to comdemn john for discriminations against IP packets. Motion is seconded and passes, 6/3/0+. BING!

Ed Sussman donated 5 more boxes of magazines on Sunday.

SFBC thinks we should buy more books.

JFC should get over the leather stuff already.

TZ prototype real soon now.


Future Business

Inventory is nigh.

Athena accounts people actually want a reason! How dare they!

Interzone needs to be renewed. Maybe. Or not. Shame on the ex-onsec. No, really. It needs to be renewed so much so that we seem to have never even gotten a copy.

The Skinner is a magazine. He may have subscribed to himself, confusing the issue.

There's a new 'prentice.

New/old business: there is a new window. It is very nice. We should arrange for a similar treatment for existing windows.

JFC was almost trapped forever in a magical clearing. He didn't apologize to the bush, though. He has returned. Oh, well.

Miller motion fails, 2/5/0+. Miller motion #2 passes, 4/1/3+.

Meeting adjourned (BING! ), 17:54 SST.

Irrespectfully submitted,
Andrew Boardman, pseudoOnseck