MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 13, 2002

``Ganga, lots and lots of Ganga.''

MITSFS meeting is called to order on Friday, December the thirteenth of 2002. Ed Keyes is the presiding President and Skinner; while Andrew Clough is the newly spell-checked Onseck.

Minutes are read.

Motion: Commend the minutes as being properly spell-checked. Passes 7-0-1+Spehn


Committee Reports

Bondagecomm: Dropped off the magazines, and should be done in three to five weeks; then we'll see which horrible mistakes John has made.

UsefullFactscomm: Ringworld Engineers was originally serialized. It also belongs to the Big, Dumb Object genre.

``They should have just called it "Return to Ringworld'''

Motion: Send the Ringworld to remedial schooling. Passes 11-1-3+Spehn

Margaret: ``Yay, I said a motion.''

Pseudo-LEGcomm: We got 90% of the money we wanted.

For the second meeting in a row, a member comes to return their book.

Pseudo-Analogcomm: Schedule prototype generated.

Pseudo-Boriscomm: Failed again.

Motion: Make a committee to assist Boriscomm called Natashacomm. Fails 2-3-1+Spehn.

Goldilockscomm: We now have a mama slinky, a papa slinky, and a baby slinky.

Erin had had the slinkies arranged so that it was intuitively obvious to the casual observer how new slinkies are made.

John: ``The rainbow gene is dominant.''

We succeed in reaching the second harmonic of slinky oscillation.

Mobcomm: Big Box of Books from the Space Crime Continuum will come soon. Also, there was a recent run in which John, Margaret, Cassie, and I the Onseck went. We contemplated leaving Cassie there in Nirvana. She says she might have noticed after 3 or so books.


Old Business

Bluebellcom: Still lame.



New Business

Margaret: ``Squiiiiiiii'' John gets the oil.

``That one looks much more suggestive than the frog''

``A steeple would make the cluster much more interesting.

Andrew Boardman got our Asimov's situation straitened out, with the ``20 year subscription(s)'' We don't even have to send our current issues back.

``If you take your collar off can you spin your head around?''

``When Russians get together it helps them be gloomy.''


Future Business

``Radioactive goats could not get through the New York subway system undetected.''

Motion: Gatorade should have a banana colored drink. Passes 13-8+Spehn-0 or 13-0-8+Spehn or 8+Spehn-13-0 or something.

Meeting is adjourned at 1800 SST

Respectfully Submitted, Andrew Clough, Onseck.