MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 17, 2003

MITSFS meeting called to order, Friday 1700 SST January 17th, at 1700 SST; Ed Keyes the president and skinner presiding. Andrew Clough is the culinary martial artist Onseck.

The Minutes are read.

Motion: Condemn the minutes as no spell-checked. Passes 6-0-2+Spehn.


Committee Reports

Mobcomm: SFBC mousepad! Free (oohlala)! We got some books with it, too.

Motion: Condemn Mobcomm for having only some, and not all, books about ants. Fails 2-5-1+Spehn.

Mobcomm2: We got some British Books, too.

Discussion about Michael Crichton's new book, Prey.

Motion: Condemn Michael Crichton for being silly. Passes 7-0-2+Spehn.

Sitcomm: Simpsons has been renewed. The show has officially been on for a loonnggggg time now.

PsuedoMobcomm: In December apparently John paid us 700 dollars for the privilege of purchasing our books...

Motion: Commend John's generosity. Fails 0-1-0+Spehn.

Alohalenscomm: Here are some keyholder photos (all very impressive) for Margaret to choose among.

PsuedoPianocomm: Prentices do work, and we might have 2 new keyholders by the end of IAP.

PsuedoBondagecomm: Binding could happen in the future.

``There's a correlation between being an anthology and being really f-ing thick.''


Old Business

``Copyright laws can be so complex.'' ``Especially the ones that have sentences.''

Some really big honking shelves were just built, and are now in the alley; which is now even more damned as you have to be skinny to get into it.


New Business

Argentina is atually going to pay of 1M dollars of its debt, provided it can get a 1M dollar loan immediatly afterwards.

Arisia starts this weekend, and one of our members will be on stage with the singing wookies.

Assassin's guild 10 day begins. The Onseck needs a memorable taunt for his cook/martial artist character, and here were some suggestions: ``I will cleanse the stain on my honor w/ the club soda in your beins.'' ``My arts will bring out the subtle flavor of your liver.'' (I finally decided on ``I'll put you between my frying pan and the fire!'')

There has been a Teddy Bear recall due to loosly attached parts; so if one bit a lizard, we'd find a jaw attached to a tail, and no animals.

Miller Motion: Universe saved 0-6-1+Spehn.

Second Miller Motion: I go off to game 5-5-1+Spehn.

Meeting adjourned 1800.

Hunmbly submitted,
Andrew Clough, Onseck