MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, April 125, 2003

Bonus Pre-meeting Quote: ``In the morning of the day of the Faxxua, I woke up and discovered that I had become a centaur.'' Quote from Gemstones by Tyree Campbell.

MITSFS meeting called to order at 1700 SST. Ed Keyes is the presiding skinner and president, while Andrew Clough is the alien fighting Onseck.

``Today is national bash-the-Onseck day.''

Motion: Meeting should be called to Chaos. Chickens 6-0-7+Spehn.

Minutes are read.

Motion: ``Condemn minutes for their chaotic nature.'' Passes 9-0-3+Spehn


Committee Reports

Some Mobcomm reports are too boring to be recorded.

Mobcomm2: We got Australian books, like the 'Hal Space Jock' trilogy.

Mobcomm4: Run on May 10th.

Bondagecomm: We got a personalized letter from a tiny 'zine (which is quoted above).

Picniccomm: Mailing real soon.


Old Business

John: Here is my mother.

Mother: I'm John's mother.

Squirrels: We're here too.

John: We were also assaulted by Geese.

Discussion of gang warfare in nature, and whether the squirrels are calling hits on the Geese.

Motion: Recognize Walt Disney for its wild animals program, the city for their sewers, and the combination for chocking the Charles with squirrels. Passes 7-2-4+Spehn.

Squirrels: We hate you all.

ALGOL ``But what about the usual what about the usual what about the usual what about the usual what about the usual what about the usual debate?''


New Business

Motion: ``Condemn the recursion.'' Passes 8-3-1+Spehn

``We all live in a recursive subroutine, a recursive subroutine, a recursive subroutine (Sung to the tune of ``Yellow Submarine'').

Discussion of foolish wasps and Concords.


Future Business

The Assassin's Guild is having a three day game based on Stargate.

We need a bigger Devil Duck.

Motion: ``Condemn American currency for not having any appropriate denomination for getting over the river Styx.'' Passes 7-2-1+Spehn

Miller Motion: Universe Saved 4-9-2+Spehn.

John notes the Tech headline ``Crowding to return in Fall, but sparsely.''

Motion: `` Form a committee to decide whether the X-Men are banana.'' Chickens 2-3-5+Spehn

Motion: ``Eiiyay'' Passes 11-6-1+Spehn

Motion: ``Dissolve the committee that investigates whether Jubilee's cat is banana colored.'' Chickens 6-3-5+Spehn.

Quotes the Onseck ``Reality is what you can get away with,'' from Robert Anton Wilson.

Miller Motion: Meeting Adjourned 9-2-7+Spehn

Meeting adjourned 18:-18 SST.

Humbly submitted,
Andrew Clough, Onseck