MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, May 30, 2003

MITSFS meeting called to order, 1700 SST, Andrew Clough, LHE and Pseudo-Skinner, presiding; Kat Allen, usual Onseck, recording.

Minutes read.

Motion to untable and renew the motion to condemn the onseck for impertince, fails for lack of a second.

Motion to commend the onseck for embellishing the story, and adding value to the minutes.
Motion to condemn the onseck for being dismayed rather than happy that she was unable to record the things said in Albanian
Matrix vote.
6 3 9+Spehn
5 10 4+Spehn
5 6 5+Spehn
determinant = -35 All motions fail BING!


Committee Reports

Jhawk comes in and makes fun of the Pseudo-Skinner for not binging loud-enough.


Lots and lots and lots of books. The SCC is apparently well-liked by publishers, so they (and now we) are getting genuine advance-reading copies. Hooray!

The German Invasion is coming.


The order is trickling in. There is more to do.

Pseudo-Skinner asks if he can answer the phone ``Center of the Universe, Pseudo-God Speaking''

JM and JFC argue about whether *any* keyholder can answer the phone ``God Speaking''


Old Business

Tech Days start next Monday or something, so there will be a bunch of old people around.

``Older than us?'' -JFC


``What about our usual Skinner?'' -JFC


New Business

Charles Maxson came in and donated four more cartons of books!

``We have six weird things in the library'' --JFC

``Only six?'' --KHA and Malcom, in Unison

``Six things marked with shelfcode WRD'' --JM

JFC tells us that he is going to continue reading the statistics on shelfcodes in the dex until someone says something interesting.

The National Virtual Observatory Project has gotten useful information, so now there is a good way to deal with astronomy data.

``The total data collected each year is doubling, even though the money spent is constant.''--JM

JM suggests that this means that astronomy is entering a new phase in its existence.


Future Business

Starting next week, meetings are at 6:00 for the summer.

JFC asks what it would take to drive Grackles and Cowbirds away from the bird feeder. Malcom tells about a Hawaiian hotel did to drive away birds:

They pulled the nearby trees down and tied them. Once the manager saw that the birds had landed, he ordered the ropes cut.

Then the tried an ultrasonic pulse generator, which got rid of all the birds, but also caused people in the hotel to complain.

Discussion of birds, squirrels and how to keep them out of the birdfeeder.

Discussion of inflateable pterodactyls and chickens, and police whistles, which scare chickens.

The pterodactyls: jfc/pictures/Elaina-office-3.jpg

Motion to end the meeting, Seconded
Passes: 6-1-3+Spehn (but, of course, does nothing)

Miller motion fails for lack of a second.

Miller motion again fails for lack of a second.

Choruses of ``Skinner isn't even here'' drive the Pseudo-Skinner away, without even adjourning the meeting. He returns, and

Meeting adjourned, 18:-13 SST.

Respectfully submitted,
Kat Allen, Onseck