MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 5, 2003

MITSFS meeting called to order, 1700 SST, Ed Keyes, President and Skinner, presiding; Kat Allen, Onseck, recording.

Minutes read. The reading of minutes is interrupted by an LSC operative giving us a slide. Meeting breaks down into discussion of the declining quality of the Sci-Fi Marathon.

Motion: Commend the Pseudo-Kat and censure the Kat for taking good minutes and then not reading them. Passes 6-3-2+Spehn


Committee Reports


KHA will not cover any more books until term is over, because she wants to pass Thermo.

JFC: I don't know if Thermo is worth it.
KHA: It's a required class. I'm getting out of here in 8 terms if it kills me.
Y: At least you have an option.


JSB processed things, and put some books into a box labeled ``Things What Suck'', which are not Hasselcomm output, but are related to books whose third copies are inaccessible.

Discussion of L-Space, Mallet-Space(in Anime) and Katana-Space.

Motion: Library fund mallet-space research
Passes 8-stupid-chair-1+Spehn

Motion: award an honorary membership to Bugs Bunny, who can already pull things out of thin air
Passes 5-2-1+Spehn

Motion: Question Bugs on Mallet-space
Passes 5-2-1+Spehn


``Blah blah blah black hole, blah blah''


Apparently the 5th floor people were confused why we needed office space

``Does this place become a warehouse when the moon is full'' -Y

Discussion about office space, and the B-list folks we might be able to evict.


We have a Neo-Opsis subscription now, and a lot of magnets.

MHG loses her chair to ARM, despite him having claimed he did not want to sit.


Old Business

``Do you think it's time for Malcolm's Albanian Exiling to be part of the Usuals?''-JFC
``No'' -ED
``As Skinner, you have the power to make wrong decisions''-JFC
``As I have demonstrated time and time again''-ED

JFC tells us about the article sent to MITSFS last March, talking about big power plants with gavel-size wrenches which may be powered by old Skinners.

Move to commend gavel-sized wrenches
Passes 9-the tellsey toy-0+Spehn


New Business

We have a new gargoyle. It appears to be eating a bananimal. There is an IAP class for Science Fiction and the Environment.

According to The Tech, the oldest fossil definitely male has been discovered, says Y.

Discussion of Gary Larson's lice species, Hitler bugs, and reconstruction of fossil skulls based on a single tooth.

Motion: Commend Homework for ruining people's lives
Fails 7-11-0+Spehn
(Onseck's Note: All the current undergrads voted against this)

Y says, on the subject of Hitler-bugs, that all US Submarines had to be named after the common names of fish. They began running out of names, and so made a deal with someone in <field of naming things>, that the scientist would choose a good name for a submarine and give it as the common name to a fish which only had a Latin name.

Motion to commend custom-named fishes.
Passes 13-0-1+Spehn

Motion to get the Society a fish tank with geneng'd glow in the dark fish.
Fails for lack of a second, but spawns intense discussion about us already having too much water, and about the other glow-in-the-dark things we could have.

About the Hitler-Bug

Anophthalmus hitleri Scheibel, 1933 (blind cave beetle) Named by an amateur entomologist admirer of the Fürher. It is found in only five Slovenian caves and is endangered by collectors of Hitler memorabilia. [Entomologische Blätter 33: 438] misaak/taxonomy/taxEtym.html

JM reports that the C-P shelves have started being installed. Hooray!

Addendum to the Committee Report: SSDT was shelving books, and found it easier than usual, as the books were apparently all Hasselcomm, and so had nice spots where they'd been before.

We have a proof of the newest Arthur C. Clarke book.

Our frosh says that she found ``The History of Middle Earth for Dummies'' in a bookstore.

Motion to commend the Dummies for expanding to all sections of human experience
Motion to send MobComm to get it.
Matrix Vote
9 1 1+Spehn
11 5 1+Spehn
9 4 4+Spehn
Det: 108, so all motions pass

There are also Barbie LOTR dolls:


Future Business

Motion to charter a committee to write ``Bananas for Dummies''
Passes 13-4-2+Spehn

Meeting adjourned, 1730 SST.

Respectfully submitted,
Kat Allen, Onseck