MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

Bonus Pre-meeting Quote:
``Tentacle porn is not for Valentine's day''
``It's not nice to make Margaret cry''

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 23, 2004

MITSFS meeting called to order, 1700 SST, Ed Keyes, President and Skinner, presiding; Kat Allen, Onseck, recording.

Minutes read.

Motion: Accept the minutes as very verbally read.
Fails for lack of a second

Motion: Woot!
Passes 10-1-1+Spehn

Motion: Somehow prevent this meeting from being ended by a banana motion
Fails 10-1-4+Spehn

Motion to condemn the Skinner for messing with the space-time continuum
Passes 7-1-6+Spehn
Onseck's note: The inverse-skinner rule applies


Committee Reports

Pseudo-War-council Report

We have to move now--we just got the ``How to move everything'' catalogue. We could buy billions of chairs, and then use the catalogue to move them. Or, we could just push our rolling chairs around the hall.

Onseck's Report

I bought some tape.


ALC covered a book. He was trained for this express purpose.


Neil Asher, other new things are here.

Move to express sympathy for the Age of Reason on the basis of the company it's required to keep.
Passes 7-2-1+Spehn

Discussion of some of the absolutely awful things that are on the Baen Free Library, and whether or not we actually still have a mouse, or whether it has abandoned us for the Mecca of the Tech's office.


We have been told that the renovations requested are ``not impossible'', and an outside contractor has been engaged in the contingency that the move is, in fact, not impossible.

Onseck's Note: The meeting then broke into chaos, as JFC caused everyone to want to look at the angel duck on Psi-Phi


Old Business

The Wheel of Time 0 book we got is the beginning of a trilogy. Much angst ensues.

Motion: Lock Jordan up and make someone else finish his books.
Fails for lack of a second.

There's a new Laurel K. Hamilton book, ``Seduced by Moonlight''.
``She's been seduced by everything else, why not?''-BTS
The warning on the back of the flyer now admits that there is ``lots and lots of explicit sex'' in the book--SFBC, at least, feels compelled to admit that they're publishing porn.
``It gives me hope that I may someday get published, as there is writing out there worse than mine''-MHG

The Sci-Fi Marathon is this weekend, and we have a slide!

``Are you looking at pr0n?''-MHG
``No, I'm looking at cute female sci-fi authors''-JFC

Motion: Set JFC up with Anne McCaffery
Chickens 1-2-6+Spehn

``I don't want to go to Ireland''-JFC
``Just dress up like a dragon and she'll treat you well''-JM

An argument ensues about whether the dragonriders are intimately involved with their dragons. MHG suggests that the dragons are Burma Jets in disguise.


New Business

``That's been patented''-BTS
``What, spam ads improving bings?''-JM
``Um... no, but now that you mention it''-BTS

KHA's laptop came back repaired from Apple in 3 days, because, though they told her it was usually not covered under warranty, being willing to yell at people will make them do things for you.

``That's not usually covered under warranty''
``But it should be!''

An imagined conversation':
``The reading room isn't for student groups''
``But it should be!''

Motion: to note that the Onseck is not a member of the Rubber-Band Illuminati
Chickens 3-devil-duck-4+Spehn

Motion to condemn Richard Stallman for making emacs available to automatically compile and execute code in open emacs buffers.
Fails for lack of a second

Albanian Motion against JFC
Passes 12-6-4+Spehn

Motion to send MHG on a mission to discover the difference between porn and prawn (and not report back to us later)
Passes 8-4-0+Spehn

Move to note that the important thing about real estate in California is ``default''
Fails for lack of a second

Motion that somebody should make a banana motion
Passes 7-1-0+Spehn

Meeting adjourned, 1735 SST.

Respectfully submitted,
Kat Allen, Onseck