MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, July 30, 2004

MITSFS meeting called to order, 1500 (sic) SST, Andrew Clough, Pseudo-Skinner (pause for prompting), LHE and Pseudo-Skinner, presiding; John Carr, Pseudo-Onseck, recording.

The Pseudo-Onseck makes up a story about the previous meeting, a story of squirrels and bananimals, but before it can reach its bloody conclusion Jamie the Pseudo-Pseudo-Onseck finds, formats, and reads the real minutes.

Y moves to approve the minutes as minimally unusual. Motion passes 1-2-3$+$Spehn. JM notes you get what you pay for. Passes 1-2-3$+$Spehn by Psuedo-Skinnerial Decree.


Committee Reports

War Council

If you like doors, vote for Bush, because the Democratic Party has caused the UA office construction to stop, leaving a doorless room with windows. Maybe next week construction will resume.


Still no money forms.

Mobcomm / Pseudo-LHE

$60 payment leaves the society's debt to Mobcomm at about $900.

Vox Sciurorum

The squirrels really are conspiring in secret. They send each other ultrasonic signals. Other squirrels are stealing golf balls and planting them in bird nests. Are they eating the eggs and substituting golf balls so the birds don't suspect? Is it cargo-cult behavior, placing egg-like objects to induce the birds to lay eggs which the squirrels will eat? Are they using their ultrasonic communication ability to coordinate with dogs? More research is obviously required.


ARM hasslecommed two boxes of PAs. We are ready for C/PA inventory.


JFC gave the Onseck a list of magazines to subscribe to. Since the Onseck is not here, obviously he failed to subscribe and is too ashamed to show his face.


[JFC] Books just keep coming in. [MWP] Isn't that a good thing? [JFC] Not if you're the structure of the Student Center.


Old Business

[JM] Four boxes of books have moved to the Small Activities Office, as has the circulating fanzine cabinet.

[JFC] A guy from the Card Office came to the library and stuck electrodes into the door lock. [JM] They shouldn't do that.

ALGOL (without Y!) BING!

New Business

[ALC] ``Let it be recorded that a motion approving the usual lack of the usual debate passes 1-2-3$+$Spehn.''

Paul di Filippo wrote a story with a guy dressing like an Albanian, or like he thinks an Albanian would dress, and another story with a box labelled ``DEAN DRIVE - ALL ENDS UP.'' They are in the collection Neutrino Drag.

JFC suggests naming our new room Altair-4. The direct reference is The Tommyknockers, where the alien device that makes things disappear causes them to disappear to a place the humans call Altair-4. The indirect reference is to Forbidden Planet.


Future Business

New students will show up sooner than you think.

The Pseudo-Skinner declares a Miller Motion to have failed and a second to have passed. JM says ``that's lame.''

Meeting adjourned, 16:40 SST.

Respectfully submitted,
John Carr, Pseudo-Onseck