MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, March 18, 2005

MITSFS meeting called to order, 1730 SST, Kat Allen, President and Skinner, presiding; Brian Sniffen, Onseck, recording.

Minutes read.

Ross, the pseudo-Onseck, is commended for channeling Brian. Passes 14-2-11 plus Spehn


Committee Reports


We have money for hardcovers and are paying it.

We're joining the International Banana Club, but it's not clear how to pay for this--the color of the money isn't certain.


Andromeda Spaceways has sent us a new magazine.


Vast piles of books have been ordered and will be arriving shortly.


``Me first!'' --katallen Look, TZ 46. It has content. It's edited. It'll be printed and know when.

Mumbling about Rats (Vox Scirorum)

``A squirrel broke into my sister's apartment once''--JFC

A motion to have those responsible for the credits sacked along with those responsible for having them sacked, sacked...chickens.


Old Business

A relic of the ancients, Ken Johnson, Libcomm for many years, is visiting. Despite a resolution to remove the name ``Ken Johnson'' from the publications of the society, and a motion to publish the minutes passing 21-3-0 plus Spehn, his name nevertheless appears here.


New Business

The Skinner is commended for Skinnerial decree.

CPW is coming. ESP wants to throw a 4th-floor block party. Now that is something MITSFS can really show itself off at. There's an organization meeting Monday, 8pm, after spring break. We will have an inflatable castle. Sam suggests we should instead half an inflatable castle, and this is accepted as a friendly amendment mid-vote. Passes 15-0-2 plus Spehn. If we nest them, we can have a castle in the air!

The UA is doing strange revisions to old-ASA policies.

Andre Norton has passed away. In accordance with her wishes, she will be cremated with copies of her first and last novels.

The BBC radio-play adaptation of Neuromancer is available at The first five minutes are the sound of a television tuned to a dead channel.

MITSFS is only nominally a fan organization. The majority of the membership are wierdos who actually read the stuff and belong only because of the library. Those who cannot read form the activist, or meeting-going, members. Those who can neither read nor write contribute to TZ. Among this motley meagerie are a few fen who somehow have missed being committed. So TZ, whatever it may be, only pretends to be a fanzine.
-- excerpt from ``We Try Harder,'' Richard Harter, TZ#18
We have a really pretty cover, but it's got a misspelling. Maybe we'll find some way to fix it.


Future Business

The Picnic will be in early May, though Picninccomm is strangely absent tonight.

Mobcomm: yet more books shall be purchased.

On April 29, the $(\mathrm{HTG})^2$ movie will be out.

Insane nattering proceeds, invoking a Miller Motion which fails 11-17-18 plus Spehn.

An inaudible motion fails by Skinnerial miscounting.

AFC suggests that 1+1 be set equal to 3 so that we can have a banana motion that both passes, fails, and chickens. This passes and chickens, but somehow does not fail, 25-7-3 plus Spehn.

Meeting adjourned, 1800 SST.

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Sniffen, Onseck