MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, 18 June 2010

010 MITSFS meeting called to order, 66.6 Ksec SST, Paul Weaver, President and Skinner, presiding; lemur (DWR), Onseck, recording.

020 Minutes read.

030 Motion to commend the minutes for having such a strong description of the valient struggle against the magazines, which was very true to life passes 6-0-0 plus Spehn.



Committee Reports


035 Kat says the larva is very cute. Brian says that she is a ferocious reader. Or at least she devours books.


040 I think I was on some committees that did something or something.

Star Chamber

050 We still have a new keyholder--Cathy--but her initials might have changed to something that I'm not sure I know how to put into the minutes.


060 The dusting supplies people wanted--and the book repair tape--have mostly come.


070 The Star Chamber did some work.


Old Business

080 NH: Has anyone actually been picking up packages?

090 KKB: People have been picking up packages. We got ten since Wednesday.

100 Star Chamber in General: We love SAO because we get our mail and packages in a much more timely manner than we used to.

105 COME FROM 320

110 KKB: Isaac Asimov is still dead. The magazines are still in California.

120 COME FROM 230

130 KKB: The entirety of ALGOL can be found in a recent version of the minutes somewhere.

140 COME FROM 300

150 PW: Anyway, I'm going to assume ALGOL.


New Business

160 COME FROM 110

170 KKB: We have a new banana-colored thing, which appears to be a knit banana made by KKB. It's a practice one for the one the larva will get eventually, but that one may contain the king of Spain.

180 PW: E3 happened. There will be a Portal 2 eventually. The 3DS looks amusing also.

190 DWR: *general expression of ignorance of computer games*

200 PW: *attempt to explain computer games to DWR*

210 BJK: There is a rupture in the boundary of the library.

220 PW: I should fix that.

230 People were bored and there was much discussion of Athena usernames.

240 COME FROM 130

250 KKB: There is a book entitled Kid Versus Squid

260 PW: I wonder if that will be as interesting as the title sounds?

270 KKB: *dramatically reads the back cover* There is a princess of the Lost City of Atlantis. So where's the giant squid?

280 DWR: Wonders if the witch is a giant squid.

290 PW: There's some stuff on my gavel block.

300 KKB: I wondered when you'd notice. Definitely not a coup.


Future Business

310 COME FROM 100

320 BJK: In the future W20 mail will continue to suck.

330 COME FROM 150

340 DWR: In the future the finale of the current season of Doctor Who will start tomorrow.

350 KKB: In the future we will eventually convince the Skinner that it is future business.

360 NH: Something that definitely was not a motion.

370 Skinner: It chickens.

380 NH: But I didn't make a motion.

390 Skinner: *calls another vote* The absense of a motion passes 4-0-4 plus Spehn.

400 NH and Skinner: *look over onseck's shoulder to see what they just voted on*

410 Motion to have more motions chickens 0-3-1 plus Spehn.

420 KKB: Motion to have more motions fails by Skinnerial decree.

430 KKB: Motion to have more motions fails by Skinnerial decree.

440 BJK: Motion to enter the part of the meeting where everyone shelves three books passes 4-4-0 plus Spehn.

BING! 450 Meeting adjourned, 68.4 Ksec SST.


Respectfully submitted,
lemur (DWR), Onseck