MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, 21 October 2011

MITSFS meeting called to order, 66.6 Ksec SST, Paul Weaver, President and Skinner, presiding; Lemur Rowlands, Onseck, recording.

Minutes read.

Motion to condemn the minutes for containing insufficient chuncks of molton hot steel PASSES 7-4-1 plus Spehn.



Committee Reports


The Skinner posted the Greenrites in the rites directory. We will make members read them shortly.


We have a new poster! It's outside! Alexwest and some prentice made it!


Showing tonight! Now! Real Genius!

A discussion of various shows the Seldon hasn't seen, including Battlestar Galactica, most types of Star Trek, and other things.

There were only three Star Wars movies, though George Lucas promised us nine. There was only one Matrix movie made. There were only three Indian Jones movies. There was only one Blues Brothers movie. Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy are the sequels to Star Wars. Motion PASSES 10-0-e plus Spehn.


It is clarified that the vanHelsingcomm gavel is tarnished silver, which explains why it can kill werewolves.


Old Business

In the past, Redacted rewrote part of their book. It sucks less now.

Random trancendental numbers, physical constants, and complex integers.


New Business

In the present, I'm trying to catch up on the minutes.

In the present, it's going to be the future soon!

But it's already past; the present is now.

The Onseck is confused. The Onseck doesn't like being confused. Therefore, things that confuse the Onseck don't exist.

SolidWorks makes you capitalize everything, which makes your emails look like you're shouting, unless you talk about Justin Bieber, it makes it okay.

In the present, we have a surprising number of new people at the meeting!


One of the new people is from Harvard, but hasn't gotten around to joining HRSFA yet.


Future Business

In the future, HRSFA should remember to invade us!

In the future, they may actually have a working malaria vaccine!

In the slightly more distant future, we may have a general anti-viral

In the future, we should: Develop a vaccine for bananas 4-8-2 plus Spehn. Develop a vaccine made of bananas 12-0-4 plus Spehn. Develop a banana-based weapons system 8-4-3 plus Spehn. And the determinant is ZERO and all motions CHICKEN!

And the Skinner was driven from the room through singing, noting that the Lemur's singing is particularly bad.

BING! Meeting adjourned, 68.4 Ksec SST.

Respectfully submitted,
Lemur Rowlands, Onseck