MIT Science Fiction Society

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139

MITSFS Meeting Minutes

Friday, 13 January 2012

MITSFS meeting called to order, 66.6 Ksec SST, Lemur Rowlands, pseudoSkinner, presiding; Lemur Rowlands, Onseck, recording.

Minutes read.

Motion to commend the Skinner for causing unInventory to happen PASSES 15-0-4!



Committee Reports


Inventory didn't happen. Inventory will happen some time this summer instead. For now, the books are appeased.


We had a massive work party on Saturday. We got through about three-quarters of the Hasselcomm backlog. Shelves were cleared to extend the circulating hardcovers more, and to extend the circulating hardcover anthologies, and to move some small circulating shelfcodes. Also, Mancinnicomm did a partial inventory, and boxed the foreign Perry Rhodans.


Old Business

A prominent local filker, Alice Washburn, also known as Badger, died late last December. Her funeral was at the MIT Chapel today.

UnInventory is Old Business.

Spehn is Old Business. Apparently he was only at MIT for one year, 1964. There was a Risk gameboard in the old MITSFS library in Walker Memorial, and that was his downfall.

Catacomm does not wish to comment on the location of the magazines. ALGOL


New Business

We have lots of visitors, who are stopping by after Badger's funeral. Former keyholders Sue Isaacs and Fred Isaacs-commonly knowin as SI-FI, apparently-along with a large clutch of teenagers: Annie Isaacs, Kevin Card, Rex Powell, and EKVI.

One of the teenagers wanted to see the Thrawn Trilogy and one of them wanted to see the Pratchett stuff.

The Pratchett one apparently annoyed Pratchett when she was an epsilon at N-4 by asking a question about a tortoise when he was doing a panel discussion and fed up with questions about turtles.

The Sue Isaacs had a story about being in a hospital emergency room next to a Break-Me-Own-Arm Dibbler, who broke his arm playing Ultimate Frisbee and who apparently made a living making Internet sausage. (She also recommended a Doctor Crapp at Mt. Auburn as competent.)

Arisia is New Business!


Future Business

Boskone is Future Business! This February! We'll have a mob! You should buy a membership now, and should come join our mob!

Vericon is Future Business! This March!

Readercon is Future Business! This summer!

We were warned that Annie might try to sneak in in the future, possibly by baking us very good cookies. She also threatened to give us a large collection of stuffed animals so that we might be the "Island of MITSFS Toys".

We were given a "Profane Version"-it's profane becaused it's effable and, in fact, efft-of a cookie recipe called "Honey Badger Biscuits", apparently the work of the late Alice Washburn. There may be an effort to manufacture some of these for a future meeting, when the Onseck isn't ill.

Motion to note that epsilons like to chase people around with sharkbannanas PASSES 18-0-5 plus Spehn.

BING! Meeting adjourned, 68.4 Ksec SST.

Respectfully submitted,
Lemur Rowlands, Onseck