Amazon Ink

Reviewer: Jake Beal

Author: Lori Devoti

Published: 2009

Reviewed: 2009-12-18

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Yeah, I knew what I was getting into when I picked this up.
Ms. Devoti's novel "Amazon Ink" is a pseudo-romance novel about an
ex-Amazon tattoo artists trying to protect her teenage daughter both
from harm and from learning about her Amazon nature. Guess how well
that's going to go? Well, yes, of course the daughter's going to end
up in peril, and of course the secret is slowly going to come out, and
of course our fierce warrior woman is going to have a couple of
heart-throbs slices of beefcake attracted to her, and have to deal
with the tension between her past and her present.

So what? I enjoyed it well enough, for all its predictability, and in
fact largely because of its predictability. Alas, however, in the end
that has left me with fairly little to say. I suppose that I did,
definitely, enjoy Ms. Devoti's somewhat twisted updating of an ancient
myth, and the various fragments of the world-building do hold together
well enough, but in the end this is a well-done but eminently
forgettable novel.