Convergence (Book 1 of The Blending)

Reviewer: Katherine Ray

Author: Sharon Green

Published: 1996

Reviewed: 2007-05-20

Publisher: AvoNova

In the world of this book there are five types of magic: Earth, Air,
Fire, Water, and Spirit. Many people have minor forms of this magic,
but the ones who are really good all have to go to the main city to be
tested. The Adepts form Blendings of five mages, and one Blending
becomes the ruling Blending. Naturally there is some noble
vs. commoner competition where the nobles try to make it so that they
always win, and sometimes succeed.

In the story, the five main characters go to the city for their tests,
and meet up. The interactions between the characters are interesting,
the tests are interesting, but there's one problem. All the
characters go through similar experiences, but Green takes us through
each character's experience in all its gory detail. You practically
see the same scene five times. Departing from Home x5, Initial Test
x5, Initial Meeting of other characters x2, Second Test x5, Second Day
of Second Test x5, Set-Up for Third Test x5, and various other scenes

The story arc is five books long. The end of the first book has no
conclusion of its own. The story simply stops until it is picked up
again in book 2. I haven't read book 2, and I don't intend to.