Majestrum (A Tale of Henghis Hapthorn)

Reviewer: Katherine Ray

Author: Matthew Hughes

Published: 2006

Reviewed: 2007-05-22

Publisher: Night Shade Books

This book has an awesome premise. The world currently works in a very
scientific manner, but eventually it's going to start working in a
magical manner. Henghis Hapthorn is a "discriminator," a gentleman
who uses logical methods to solve problems for a living. During one
of his recent jobs, something bizarre happened, and now his
"intuitive" or magical self is separate from his "reasoning" or
scientific self, and his super-intelligent computer is now a furry,
super-intelligent familiar. He gets sent off on a couple of jobs, he
gets into arguments with himself, developments happen, and it's a good
book that isn't especially long.

After reading the book, I realized that Hughes had written other books
in the same universe: "Fools Errant," "Fool Me Twice," "Black
Brillion," and "The Gist Hunter and Other Stories." "The Spiral
Labyrinth" will be coming out in September 2007. I'll probably get
around to reading them at some point.