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Category Code Location
Technological Artifacts of the Lower HoloceneARTIFACT1 (reserve)
Booklet DoubleBD1 (reserve)
Binary Star [doubles]BS1 (reserve)
Ace DoubleD1 (reserve)
DictionaryDICT1 (reserve)
Eraserhead DoubleERD1 (reserve)
Gryphon DoubleGRD1 (reserve)
Gollancz DoubleGZD1 (reserve)
Millennium Binary [doubles]MB1 (reserve)
Ocean View DoublesOVD1 (reserve)
Large Reserve ArtR/L-ART1 (reserve)
Very Large Reserve FictionR/VL1 (reserve)
Very Large Reserve ArtR/VL-ART1 (reserve)
Very Large Reserve AnthologyR/VLA1 (reserve)
Even Bigger Reserve ArtR/XL-ART1 (reserve)
Tor DoubleTD1 (reserve)
(New Books) 2 (reserve)
Large Reserve ComicsR/L-CX3 (reserve)
Small Reserve ComicsR/S-CX3 (reserve)
Very Large Reserve ComicsR/VL-CX3 & 4 (reserve)
(Recent Magazines) 3 & 4 (reserve)
Large Reserve ReferenceR/L-REF4 (reserve)
Reserve MultimediaR/MM4 (reserve)
Small Reserve ReferenceR/S-REF4 (reserve)
Very Large Reserve ReferenceR/VL-REF4 (reserve)
Even Bigger Reserve FictionR/XL4 (reserve)
Even Bigger Reserve ComicsR/XL-CX4 (reserve)
Even Bigger Reserve ReferenceR/XL-REF4 (reserve)
Even Bigger Reserve AnthologyR/XLA4 (reserve)
Foreign-language Hardcover AnthologyFH5 (reserve)
Foreign-language Hardcover AnthologyFHA5 (reserve)
Foreign-language Paperback AnthologyFP5 (reserve)
Foreign-language Paperback AnthologyFPA5 (reserve)
Small Circulating ReferenceS-REF6
Very Large Circulating ReferenceVL-REF6 & 7
Large Circulating ReferenceL-REF7
Even Bigger Circulating ReferenceXL-REF7 & 8
Circulating Mixed MediaC/MM9
Large Circulating ComicsL-CX9
Small Circulating ComicsS-CX9
Very Large Circulating FictionVL9
Very Large Circulating ComicsVL/CX9
Very Large Circulating AnthologyVLA9
Small AnthologySA10 -- 17
Small Fiction (authors A-L)S17 -- 54
Large FictionL55 -- 79, 111 -- 145
Large AnthologyLA80 -- 82, tops of 92 -- 110, tops of 83 -- 87
Small Fiction (authors M-Z)S83 -- 110

Shelfcodes Explanations

For all but a few oddball categories the shelfcode format is (Items in brackets are optional.):

[R/] size [-category]

"R/" means "on reserve, does not circulate." Additionally, the following also don't circulate: DICT, ARTIFACT, foreign books, doubles (e.g., Ace Doubles), and anything on the New Books shelf. With those exceptions, anything that doesn't have the "R/" prefix does circulate.

Size (based on the book's height):

  • S – up to 7¼ inches: (small)
  • L – 7¼ to 9½ inches: (large)
  • VL – 9½ to 12 inches: (very large)
  • XL – above 12 inches: (extremely large)

Major catagories:

  • (none) – Fiction, single-author works. Novels or collections of stories all by the same author.
  • A – Fiction, anthologies. Collections of stories by different authors. (Note: anthologies are alphabetized by name-of-editor. Also, there's no hyphen for these, thus e.g. "LA" rather than "L-A".)
  • REF – Non-fiction, reference work.
  • CX – Comics/graphic novels.
  • ART – Art books.

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