Members can checkout most books from the library. Up to eight books at a time for up to three weeks. You can get a membership by going to the library when it is open. MITSFS requires everyone who wants to checkout books to have a membership. We are not affiliated with the MIT Library's membership system.

Dues are tied to the cost of books (our main expense), with a one-year membership costing less than two paperbacks. Dues may be paid with cash or checks (sorry we don't support TechCash currently). Rates are listed below. If you feel like you cannot afford the membership please ask the keyholder on duty for an exemption.

Membership is not restricted to MIT students, but if you're not in the Boston area you're pretty much just making a donation, which admittedly is fine with us.


Term MIT Student Public
Three Months $5 $5
One Year $10 $15
Four Years $20 $45
Life (Yours) $300 $300
Life (Ours) $3000 $3000