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Title Author Published Reviewer Reviewed Publisher
IngoHelen Dunmore2005Carissa Skye2017-02-17HarperCollins
The Legacy of OgmaE. A. Rappaport2008Carissa Skye2016-12-27Owl King Publishing, LLC
Right of CaptureDeese, Isadora2016Rachael Skye2016-12-20Pelekinesis
DeathlessCatherynne M. Valente2011Ian D. Leroux2016-05-02Tor
Rivers of LondonBen Aaronovitch2011Ian Leroux2016-01-06Gollancz
This Other EdenBen Elton1993Ian Leroux2016-01-06Simon & Schuster
Star Wars Ep 7: The Force AwakensJ.J. Abrams2015D.W. Rowlands2016-01-06Disney
Blood of TyrantsNaomi Novik2013Katherine Ray2015-09-22Del Rey
The RithmatistBrandon Sanderson (Illustrator: Ben McSweeney)2013Katherine Ray2014-04-21Tor (US) Orion Children's Books (UK)
Atomic RoboBrian Clevinger and Scott Wegener2007 -- ongoingIan Leroux2014-04-21Red 5 Comics
Ancillary JusticeAnn Leckie2013Katherine Ray2014-04-21Orbit Books
Death Sentences (originally Genshi-Gari)Kawamata Chiaki (Translators: Thomas Lamarre, Kazuko Y. Behrens)2012 (original Japanese publication 1984)Ian Leroux2013-12-12University of Minnesota Press
RedshirtsJohn Scalzi2012Kendra Beckler2013-01-27Tor
WarbreakerBrandon Sanderson2009Katherine Ray2013-01-27Tor
Sic Semper TyrannisSeamus Branaugh2010Benjamin Lehnert2012-04-12Silver Lake Publishing
V is for VampireAdam-Troy Castro2011Ben Lehnert2012-01-29HarperCollins
The Third BearJeff VanderMeer2010Katherine Ray2012-01-29Tachyon Publications
WWW Trilogy (WWW: Wake, WWW: Watch, and WWW: Wonder)Robert J. Sawyer2009, 2010, 2011Drew Hilliard2011-10-09Ace
Halo: CryptumGreg Bear2011James Penna2011-10-01Tor Books
Metatropolis2010Katherine Ray2011-09-26Tor
New MoonStephenie Meyer2006Alan Smithee2011-09-11Little, Brown and Company
Terroryaki!Jennifer K. Chung2011Jake Beal2011-09-10Arsenal Pulp Press
One Second AfterWilliam R. Forstchen2009Susan Shepherd2011-09-10Forge Books
Explorer X-AlphaL. M. Preston2009Susan Shepherd2011-06-14Phenomenal One Press
Angry GhostsF. Allen Farnham2009Susan Shepherd2011-06-14Cadre One Publishing
God's WarKameron Hurley2011Kevin Riggle2011-06-12Night Shade Books
So This is How It EndsTui Sutherland2006Andrew Clough2011-06-10HarperTeen
Spaceship Earth: A Beginning Without EndTom Schwartz2010Jake Beal2011-05-28Reagent Press
CauldronJack McDevitt2007Jake Beal2011-05-06Ace
The Hunger Games Trilogy (The Hunger Games / Catching Fire / Mockingjay)Suzanne Collins2008 / 2009 / 2010Cathy Zhang2011-02-06Scholastic Press
Midshipwizard Halcyon BlitheJames M. Ward2005Naomi Hinchen2010-11-08Tor Books
FeedMira Grant2010Cathy Zhang2010-10-14Orbit
NextMichael Crichton2006Cathy Zhang2010-10-14HarperCollins
The Dreams Our Stuff is Made Of: How Science Fiction Conquered the WorldThomas M. Disch1998Katherine Ray2010-10-14Touchstone
Shalador's LadyAnne Bishop2010Katherine Ray2010-06-27Roc
Forsake the SkyTim Powers1986Ian Leroux2010-04-26Tor
TelempathSpider Robinson1976Ian Leroux2010-04-03Tor
The Queen of AttoliaMegan Whalen Turner2000Katherine Ray2010-04-03Eos - Harper Collins
Dragon KeeperRobin Hobb2010Katherine Ray2010-04-03Eos - Harper Collins
The Spirit LensCarol Berg2010Katherine Ray2010-04-03Roc
Repo Men (Movie)In theaters 3/19/2010Kendra Beckler2010-03-17Universal Pictures
A Madness of AngelsKate Griffin2009Naomi Hinchen2010-01-11Orbit
The Stratford Man (Ink and Steel / Hell and Earth)Elizabeth Bear2008Kevin Riggle2010-01-11Roc
Julian Comstock: A Story of Twenty-Second Century AmericaRobert Charles Wilson2009Kevin Riggle2010-01-11Tor
CodeSpellKelly McCullough2008Jake Beal2009-12-18Ace
Amazon InkLori Devoti2009Jake Beal2009-12-18Simon & Schuster
TwilightStephenie Meyer2005Alan Smithee2009-12-16Little, Brown and Company
Forest BornShannon Hale20092009-10-30Bloomsbury USA
The Quantum ConnectionTravis S. Taylor2005Jake Beal2009-08-10Baen Books
Happy Hour of the DamnedMark Henry2008Jake Beal2009-08-10Kensington
Last WatchSergei Lukyanenko2009Jake Beal2009-08-10Miramax
ConspiratorC.J. Cherryh2009Jake Beal2009-08-10DAW
The Secret History of MoscowEkaterina Sedia2007Jake Beal2009-08-10Prime Books
Magic Lost, Trouble Found; Armed and MagicalLisa Shearin2007, 2008John Carr2009-08-10Ace
Enemies & AlliesKevin J. Anderson2009Jake Beal2009-08-10William Morrow
MOMCollin Piprell2009Jake Beal2009-08-10CreateSpace
HammeredElizabeth Bear2005Jake Beal2009-06-22Bantam Books (Random House)
Unholy DomainDan Ronco2008Jake Beal2009-06-22Kunati Inc.
Thirteenth ChildPatricia C. Wrede2009Katherine Ray2009-05-14Scholastic Press
BrisingrChristopher Paolini2008Naomi Hinchen2009-05-06Knopf (Random House)
Lucy's BladeJohn Lambshead2007Kendra Beckler2009-04-23Baen
DuainfeySharon Lee and Steve Miller2007Katherine Ray2009-04-23Baen Books
Cybele's SecretJuliet Marillier2008Naomi Hinchen2009-04-23Knopf (Random House)
The Good Fairies of New YorkMartin Millar1992Alan Smithee (pseudonym to protect the guilty)2009-03-07Trafalgar Square Publishing
Blood and IronElizabeth Bear2006Kevin Riggle2009-02-16Roc
Princeps' FuryJim Butcher2008Michael Anaya2009-02-16Ace Publishing
Blood and IronElizabeth Bear2006Jake Beal2009-02-16Roc
Day WatchSergei Lukyanenko2007Jake Beal2009-01-15Miramax
Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the WorldHaruki Murakami1991Jake Beal2008-10-30Kodansha International
The Nymphos of Rocky FlatsMario Acevedo2006Alan Smithee (pseudonym to protect the guilty)2008-09-21Eos
Magic BitesIlona Andrews2007Jake Beal2008-09-04Ace
The Demon and the CityLiz Williams2006Jake Beal2008-07-31Night Shade Books
Whitechapel GodsS.M. Peters2008Jake Beal2008-07-20Roc
JhegaalaSteven Brust2008Andrew Clough2008-07-20Tor
Snake AgentLiz Williams2005Jake Beal2008-06-14Night Shade Books
The Shadow Mouse of EverjadeE. A. Machado2007Naomi Hinchen2008-04-16Robert D. Reed
Time Wars series (12 books, starting with "The Ivanhoe Gambit" and ending with "The Six-Gun Solution")Simon Hawke1983-1991Naomi Hinchen2008-04-16Ace Science Fiction
Little Brother (advance copy)Cory Doctorow2008Christian Ternus2008-04-13Tor
The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the ApocalypseRobert Rankin2002Diane Christoforo2008-03-26Orion Books Limited
The Fury (The Vampire Diaries 3)L.J. Smith2007 omnibus (original 1991)Andrew Clough2008-02-28Harper Teen
DragonhavenRobin McKinley2007Katherine Ray2008-02-28G. P. Putnam's Sons
CybermancyKelly McCullough2007Jake Beal2008-02-10Ace Books
A Companion to WolvesSarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear2007Katherine Ray2008-02-07Tor
ChangelingYasmine Galenorn2007Jake Beal2007-12-02Berkley
Warrior and WitchMarie Brennan2006Jake Beal2007-12-02Aspect
DoppelgangerMarie Brennan2006Jake Beal2007-11-11Aspect
Red Seas Under Red SkiesScott Lynch2007Christian Ternus2007-10-31Bantam Doubleday Dell
An Exchange of HostagesSusan R. Matthews1997Katherine Ray2007-10-17Avon Books
The Lies of Locke LamoraScott Lynch2006Katherine Ray2007-10-16Bantam Books
Radio FreefallMatthew Jarpe2007Jake Beal2007-10-07Tor
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)J.K. Rowling2007Jake Beal2007-10-07Arthur A. Levine Books
Bound By Iron (Inquisitives, Book 1)Edward Bolme2007Jake Beal2007-10-07Wizards of the Coast
Overclocked: Stories of the Future PresentCory Doctorow2007Jake Beal2007-10-07Thunder's Mouth Press
Pegasus in SpaceAnne McCaffrey2000Jake Beal2007-09-27Del Rey
Class Dis-MythedRobert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye2005Jake Beal2007-08-26Meisha Merlin Publishing
Unshapely ThingsMark Del Franco2007Jake Beal2007-08-26Ace
Myth-Told TalesRobert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye2007Jake Beal2007-08-26Ace
RecursionTony Ballantyne2006Jake Beal2007-08-26Spectra
M Is for MagicNeil Gaiman2007Katherine Ray2007-07-09Harper Collins
Gardens of the MoonSteven Erikson1999Katherine Ray2007-07-05Tor
Keeping It Real (Quantum Gravity, Book 1)Justina Robson2007Jake Beal2007-06-28Pyr
RepossessedA.M. Jenkins2007Katherine Ray2007-06-28HarperTempest
Blade of Fortriu (The Bridei Chronicles)Juliet Marillier2006Katherine Ray2007-06-14Tor Books
The Princess and the HoundMette Ivie Harrison2007Katherine Ray2007-06-14Eos
A Game of ThronesGeorge R.R. Martin1996Katherine Ray2007-06-14Bantam Books
The Fate of MiceSusan Palwick2007Jake Beal2007-06-14Tachyon Publications
If I Were An Evil OverlordEdited by Martin H. Greenberg and Russell Davis2007Jake Beal2007-05-31DAW Books
Majestrum (A Tale of Henghis Hapthorn)Matthew Hughes2006Katherine Ray2007-05-22Night Shade Books
Forest MageRobin Hobb2006Katherine Ray2007-05-22Harper Collins
Melusine and The VirtuSarah Monette2005/2006Katherine Ray2007-05-22Ace Books
DelivererC.J. Cherryh2007Katherine Ray2007-05-22Daw Books
Convergence (Book 1 of The Blending)Sharon Green1996Katherine Ray2007-05-20AvoNova
One Good Knight and Fortune's FoolMercedes Lackey2007Katherine Ray2007-05-20Luna
PretenderC.J. Cherryh2006Jake Beal2007-05-05DAW Books
Sun of SunsKarl Schroeder2005Jake Beal2007-05-03Tor Books
The Clan CorporateCharles Stross2006Jake Beal2007-04-30Tor Books
Blood BoundPatricia Briggs2007Jake Beal2007-04-30Ace
Pattern RecognitionWilliam Gibson2003Jake Beal2007-04-30Putnam
Kitty Goes to WashingtonCarrie Vaughn2006Jake Beal2007-04-30Warner Books
The Lost Fleet: DauntlessJack Campbell2006Jake Beal2006-12-17Ace
Stealth PlanetRay Blackhall2006Jake Beal2006-12-11Dusty Spark Publishing
The Jennifer MorgueCharles Stross2006Christian Ternus2006-12-10Golden Gryphon Press
Between the Strokes of NightCharles Sheffield1985Sukrit Ranjan2006-12-04Baen Books
WebMageKelly McCullough2006Jake Beal2006-11-19Ace Books
Articles of the Federation (Star Trek)Keith R. A. DeCandido2005Jake Beal2006-10-19Simon & Schuster
Fragile Things: Short Fictions and WondersNeil Gaiman2006Kevin Riggle2006-10-02William Morrow
Nylon AngelMarianne de Pierres2004Jake Beal2006-10-02Roc
Thief of LivesBarb & J.C. Hendee2004Jake Beal2006-07-27Roc
The World BeforeKaren Traviss2005Jake Beal2006-06-25HarperCollins
An Accidental GoddessLinnea Sinclair2006Jake Beal2006-06-25Bantam
WorldwiredElizabeth Bear2005Jake Beal2006-05-04Bantam Books
Contact ImminentKristine Smith2003Jake Beal2006-04-27Harper-Collins
Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love StoryChristopher Moore1995Jake Beal2006-04-27Harper-Collins
After the Long Goodbye (Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence)Masaki Yamada (Translated by Yuji Oniki, Carl Gustav Horn)2004 (English: 2005)Jake Beal2006-04-27Tokuma Shoten Publishing (English: VIZ Media)
JunktionMatthew Farrer2005Jake Beal2006-04-15Games Workshop
Blood BowlMatt Forbeck2005Jake Beal2006-04-15Games Workshop
Garrett on the Case (Angry Lead Skies/Whispering Nickel Idols)Glen Cook2002/2005Kat Allen2006-02-17Roc
The Hallowed Hunt [Chalion Book 3]Lois McMaster Bujold2005Brian Sniffen2006-02-17Eos
Golden WitchbreedMary Gentle1985Brian Sniffen2006-02-17Roc
Fahrenheit 451Ray Bradbury1953Kat Allen2006-02-17Ballantine Books
Newton's CannonJ Gregory Keyes1999Brian Sniffen2006-02-17Del Rey
At All CostsDavid Weber2005Kat Allen2006-02-17Baen
A Feast for CrowsGeorge R.R. Martin2005Kat Allen2006-02-17Spectra
Orphans of ChaosJohn Wright2005Kat Allen2006-02-17Tor
Learning the WorldKen MacLeod2005Jake Beal2006-02-16Tor
ScardownElizabeth Bear2005Jake Beal2006-01-25Bantam Books
SkybreakerKenneth Oppel2006Jake Beal2006-01-25HarperCollins
The Merchant Princes (The Family Trade/The Hidden Family)Charles Stross2004/2005Jake Beal2006-01-25Tor Books
F.T.L. (The Exploration Chronicles: Book Three)Kevin D. Randle2004Jake Beal2006-01-25Ace
The Prometheus ProjectSteve White2005Jake Beal2005-12-28Baen
The Tarzan TwinsEdgar Rice Burroughs1927, republished 2005Jake Beal2005-12-19Wildside Press, LLC
Thud!Terry Pratchett2005Jake Beal2005-12-17HarperCollins
Paper MageLeah R. Cutter2003Jake Beal2005-10-11Roc (Penguin Books)
Foop!Chris Genoa2005Jake Beal2005-10-11Eraserhead Press
Higher EducationCharles Sheffield and Jerry Pournelle1996Jake Beal2005-10-11Tor Books