Library Rules

  1. Circulating materials are available for members to check-out.
    • Members may checkout a maxium of eight (8) circulating materials for up to twenty-one (21) days.
    • All books must be checked-out by a Keyholder.
    • Books may only be renewed by bringing them to the library.
  2. Reserve materials are not available for check-out. See the map for which materials are reserve.
    • Ask a Keyholder if you're unsure if something is reserve.
    • Reserve materials do not leave the Library without the explicit permission of the Skinner.
    • Reserve materials do not even leave the back area (Damnation Alley) without a special “sign-out” that allows an item to be read elsewhere in the Library.
  3. Bookdrop
    • Any batch of books left in the bookdrop or mailed to the library must include a note with the borrower’s name, the list of titles being returned, and the date on which they are returned.
    • Books left without a card and date are considered returned as of the date they are found.
  4. Food and Drinks are not permitted in the stacks
    • Non-messy foods may be permitted, in the front area, at the discretion of the Keyholder on duty.
    • Never Read or browse Library materials with food in your hands. Your hands should be reasonably clean when handling Library material.
    • Dragons are not permitted to eat the members.
  5. Smoking is absolutely forbidden. Smokers are subject to expulsion and banishment.
  6. Bags are not allowed in the stacks. Please leave them at the front of the library.
  7. Code of Conduct
    • Keyholders and members are expected to treat each other and library materials with respect. Harassment will not be tolerated.
    • If you have any concerns feel free to talk to a keyholder or email the Star Chamber or Skinner (current president).


  1. Overdue fines are ten cents ($0.10) per day per item
  2. The maximum overdue fine is $4.00 / item .
  3. The fine for returning books via the book drop without a note identifying the member and the books being returned is $0.50.
  4. Let us know if you lose a book.
    • Overdue fines stop accumulating when a book is reported lost.
    • We prefer lost circulating items be replaced with another copy in the same format, in which case there is no lost book fee.
  5. Lost fees:
    • Mass-Market Paperbacks: $15.00
    • Hardcovers and Large Paperbacks: $40.00
    • Unbound Magazines: $8.00
    • Bound Magazines: $8.00/issue included + $30 binding fee
  6. The fine for accidently removing an item from the library without checking it out is $1.00 per item.
  7. Fines for Reserve items are triple those for other materials.