Related Groups

At most universities (and many other places) there's a single group of "those weird people" that does science fiction, gaming, paganism, etc. Actually, the relevant population at MIT is large enough to support many separate groups. Here are some of the places you might have thought would all be the same as each other and us:

  • Assassins' Guild is the live-action role-playing group.
  • Strategic Gaming Society has a subgroup for tabletop role-playing (though most tabletop gaming isn't affiliated with any official group) and a subgroup for non-RPG tabletop games, chiefly wargames.
  • Pagan Students' Group supports and promotes awareness of various non-mainstream religions; the rituals often tend towards Wicca.
  • SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) has a chapter here.
  • Anime Club holds showings of and maintains a library of Japanese animation (anime).
  • LSC is technically the Lecture Series Committee but nowadays is primarily known as the group that shows movies.
  • Mitgaard is MIT's chapter of the Barony of Carolingia, in the Society for Creative Anachronism, which by virtue of being well-established globally isn't really expected to be the same group as the others, but close enough.
  • Campus Crusade for Cthulhu run events related to the Great Old Ones from Lovecraft's stories. They "fill the cavernous maw of the Great Cthulhu, via finding Him new followers and spreading the word of His coming".
  • Musical Theatre Guild is a theater group which puts on four shows a year.
  • Mystery Hunt is puzzle solving competition every year at MIT during IAP (January Period).

The above activities are all student-centered but open to non-students.

For a full list of MIT activities, see the Association of Student Activities pages.