Right of Capture

Reviewer: Rachael Skye

Author: Deese, Isadora

Published: 2016

Reviewed: 2016-12-20

Publisher: Pelekinesis

Right of Capture is a fast-paced adventure with a knotty plot. Siblings Roan and
Judge are anomalies, children born with the ability to unleash incredible
destruction. After they are taken for “protection” by Dimond Industries, their
lives become the stuff of dystopian nightmares. The book follows the two of them
as they attempt to harness their powers and win their freedom - or exact

The novel tells its story with myriad narrators, giving the reader a peek inside
the mind of nearly every character encountered. Each character is fleshed out
and real; their goals don’t begin and end with the plot. Hand in hand with this
comes a sense of moral ambiguity. The narrators are firmly convinced of the
right of their actions, in a manner we don’t usually get to see for those who
are nominally the villain. Readers used to believing their narrator without
question will find it interesting to pick through each perspective, and
ultimately to decide themselves who to root for. The book can occasionally be
overly wordy, and the number of factions is at times overwhelming, but overall a
pleasurable romp through an inventive sci-fi world.