A Feast for Crows

Reviewer: Kat Allen

Author: George R.R. Martin

Published: 2005

Reviewed: 2006-02-17

Publisher: Spectra

I hate you, George R.R. Martin. Except you're fantastic. This book is
incredible. It would be more incredible and less incredibly
frustrating if it didn't end in at least three distinct cliffhangers.

I'm more or less happy with where Martin left Sam Tarly. House
Martell makes me want to read more, but I wouldn't have to throttle
Martin just for making us wait to see where, exactly, Quentyn Martell
is going (I suspect to Daenerys, so we'll see him in the next book,
rather than in two), and to whom Arianne was betrothed. Jamie is
likely going to get dragged out of Riverrun by Tom O'Sevens to face
Lady Stoneheard, but that's ok too---that's plot that hasn't happened
yet, rather than plot he stopped in the middle of. Victarion is going
to Daenerys too, so we'll see the Krakens in the next book, too.
That's fine. Petyr Baelish is probably going to poison Sansa's
Sweetrobin, to get her throne, but I'm still not sure he won't
change his mind and marry her himself first... But...

ARGH! Arya---blinded in the Temple of the Many-Faced God.
Permanently? Blindfolded? Is this success towards her becoming a
Faceless Man? Failure? We don't know! And we won't until book 6!
Not fair. Brienne---hanged for real? About to be saved? Again, we
won't know until book 6. Cersei and Margaery---will the High Septon
take them both? Will Jamie go to King's Landing? Will it be Jamie or
Tyrion who strangles her (both her valenquar) or is the prophecy more